The overarching research objective of the Chair of Autonomous Systems and Mechatronics is to develop technical systems that functionally support their users and provide them with a positive experience. To specifically promote user acceptance, human factors and technical requirements are equally considered. Our research approach is outlined in the figure and based on a mixture of methods from engineering and human sciences. We demonstrate our findings on wearable systems such as prostheses or exoskeletons, cognitive systems such as collaborative or humanoid robots, and general applications with tight human-robot interaction.

The key research questions of the Chair of Autonomous Systems and Mechatronics are:

  • Which design, control, and interface implementations support human-machine interaction?
  • How do human factors influence human-machine interaction and how can they be considered systematically in design?

Components and Control

Interfaces and Interaction

Wearable Systems

Cognitive Systems

Picture of two Nao robots. One is waving