Rodrigo J. Velasco-Guillen, M. Sc. – Research Associate

M.Sc. Rodrigo J. Velasco-Guillen

Research Associate

Department of Electrical Engineering
Chair of Autonomous Systems and Mechatronics

Room: Raum 02.031
Paul-Gordan-Str. 3/5
91052 Erlangen

Since March 2021, Rodrigo J. Velasco-Guillen is a doctoral candidate at the chair of Autonomous Systems at the Departments Electrical Engineering of FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg. He started his candidacy in May of 2019 at TU Dortmund in the Elastic Lightweight Robotics of Prof. Dr. Ing. Philipp Beckerle. He is currently working on the DFG funded project “Fault diagnosis and tolerance for elastic actuation systems in robotics: physical human-robot interaction”.

Rodrigo J. Velasco-Guillen received his Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronic Engineering from Universidad Don Bosco (El Salvador) in 2014 and his Master’s degree in Robotics and Automation majoring in Robotics at TU Dortmund in 2018. He did his master thesis in Online trajectory optimization for pick and place tasks for a collaborative robot.

Research interest: human-robot interaction, elastic actuators, fault-tolerant control, collaborative robots


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Key references

A comprehensive list of publications can be found on Google Scholar or Research Gate.

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  • Velasco-Guillen, R.J., Grosu, V., Carmona-Ortiz, V.A., Vanderborght, B., Lefeber, D., Font-Llagunes, J.M. and Beckerle, P., A Stiffness-Fault-Tolerant Control Strategy for an Elastically Actuated Powered Knee Orthosis. In 2020 8th IEEE RAS/EMBS International Conference for Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics (BioRob) (pp. 660-665). IEEE.