15.12. 15:00 Uhr; Präsentation Masterarbeit Ahmer Munir

Ahmer Munir wird seine Masterarbeit zum Thema „Backchanneling in Human-Robot Interaction using the NAO robot“ am 15. Dezember um 15:00 Uhr im Seminarraum (SR02.028) und via Zoom vorstellen (bitte kontaktieren Sie Adna Bliek, wenn Sie via Zoom teilnehmen möchten)



This thesis will pursue the research question, whether a Human-Robot Interaction yields similar backchannel behaviour from a human interaction participant, in comparison to the backchannel behaviour in a Human-Human Interaction. In order to investigate this hypothesis an experiment will be realised and implemented to test the backchanneling of a human participant in a Human-Robot environment. The aim is to realise an experiment, which will analyse the backchannel behaviour of a human that is receiving backchannel cues from a robot. For this cause, an experiment will be set up, where a human participant will discuss and react to ethical dilemmas, which are presented by a robot. Later on, the results of the experiment will be assessed and used to verify or falsify the hypothesis that humans react differently in a conversation with a robot, in comparison to another human.